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Dixie Dankworth

The creative mind behind it all. 

Born and raised Texan, Dixie Dankworth Cope has always been inspired by her native, small-town Texan roots. With much time spent around wool and mohair, after school at 4-H, and Grandma Anna Dankworth, Dixie was exposed to the art and appreciation of sewing at a very early age.


With a childlike appreciation of all things natural, Dixie creates everyday lifestyle necessities, bonding different media in an old-fashioned way.


"My family has always been into repurposing. We used what we had and made something new. And now I feel like you can incorporate new with old and get back to basics. Why does everything have to be so perfect?! Yes, it's important to maintain quality while preserving the unique properties of naturally aged finds. We keep producing new things and making them look old, or giving them a story of old, so why not just use something of the past, something actually old? I just happened to stumble upon an incredible amount of fabric, and here we are"

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